SHAA MIP is a cloud platform, based on cutting edge web technologies for processing and distributing multimedia content that allows users to:


Videos - images and audio - more than 70 file formats that can be processed in order to be viewed on different devices


Interactive experiences in addition to video and images


Media delivery through CDN Akamai worldwide


With a single HTML5 embedded code for multi-browser and cross-screen fruition


Full video analytics: consumption, impressions, clicks, etc.


Through the console for publishers or through a complete set of RESTFUL APIs for integration with CMS or third-party systems), it is also possible to create real involving experiences by adding interactive elements to the media: overlays (captions), extra info sheets, tooltips, slide synch, etc…. quite a unique feature!

In particular, the front-end technology, natively developed on HTML5, CSS3 and ECMA5 JavaScript standards, allows to enjoy contents on all modern browsers and devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones and smart-TVs).

The Player is completely customisable, both in its graphic layout and in its features and can also support VAST 2.0/3.0 protocols for managing linear and non-linear HTML5 formats.

SHAA platform is equipped with an advanced analytics tool that records all media traffic data and all user interactions (clicks), allowing to display data in graphs or tables, segmented and filtered as needed.

Reasons Why

Thanks to MIP you can distribute your video and image content with maximum reliability and safety worldwide and without having to worry about the infrastructure required to reach your audience.

And thanks to the interactive components, you can maximize the engagement and performance of your office content for an innovative and appealing user experience.

Interactive Video Performance
Interactive Video Performance


  • Centralised multimedia content management for all web properties
  • Use of transmission protocols and latest technologies for bandwidth optimisation
  • Reliable, safe and ultra-fast delivery
  • Integration into proprietary systems (CMS, e-commerce, CRM)
  • Full customisation according to your brand identity and/or project needs
  • Direct assistance and training in Italian and English

Our target

Anyone wishing to use multimedia content in their communication strategy and/or in their business.

  • Publishers
  • Companies
  • Training institutes or platforms
  • E-commerce
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