Shoppable Video

The new frontier of e-Commerce

For online sales, today it is important to catch Users’ attention in a persuasive way, consistently with the context in which they operate.

The level of online attention is indeed very low due to increasingly aggressive advertising and increasingly invasive content (content shock).

In order to raise interest, it is therefore necessary to exploit a form of advertising that can harmoniously fit into the context hosting it and to involve Users to the maximum by amplifying their attention.

Especially when it comes to purchasing.

The combination of Videos and E-commerce for an innovative shopping experience

Shoppable Video is a video marketing technology tool for companies wishing to optimise conversions and sales through the content they provide, converting their corporate media into cash and promoting e-commerce.

You see, you buy!

Shoppable Videos are interactive videos that allow the User to purchase the products in the video, with a maximum of 2 clicks, thus increasing e-commerce conversion rates.

Basically, users see a product in the video and, through timed Calls To Action, can open dedicated product sheets, variants, descriptions, models, related products, etc. and finalise their purchase, without exiting the video.

Click after click, Shoppable Videos lead users through a specific awareness path that shortens the funnel and spurs impulse buying.

Shoppable Video:

  • You can integrate our player directly on your site or on the site of your Customer.
  • You can register and collect leads by integrating the customer’s CRM (e.g. Salesforce).
  • You can completely customise the Landing Page of your attendees consistently with your Brand Identity.
  • The event is hosted on SHAA infrastructure, without affecting the performance of your site.

Turn your video into a sales tool

Shoppable videos allow Users to click on products to learn more and add them to their shopping carts directly during the video experience, thus avoiding lengthy processes and without leaving the landing page.



Promote online sales in a non-invasive but very effective way.


Tags, information, sheets and timed Calls To Action when playing a video that Users can view and click on.


Maximum exposure of your e-commerce and products.


Each video becomes a sales generator that, by a simple click, leads Users to add products to their shopping carts.


Use Users' clicks to analyse the performances and sell more.

The future of e-commerce lies with interactive videos: meet the desire for immediate purchasing.

Shaa shortens the journey from content to final purchase with shoppable videos that lead Users to add products to their cart in just 2 clicks, and continue viewing.

The benefits

  • It turns a video into a source of income.
  • It allows viewers to get information about products or services.
  • It does not interrupt the viewing of the video during the purchasing process.
  • It generates higher conversion rates.
  • It shortens the process from desire to actual purchase.
  • It makes the purchasing process immediate and very simple. 
  • It creates a much more emotional and engaging shopping experience.
  • It is neither invasive nor annoying.

It increases the powers of persuasion to buy: from content to shopping cart in just 2 clicks.


  • Those who want to give maximum visibility to products and services.
  • Those who want to use videos as a source of income.
  • Those who want to find a new communication format to promote e-commerce.
  • Those who want to use the power of Videos to sell.


  • Timed product tags.
  • Product cards integrated with e-commerce.
  • Carousel of products.
  • Pointer on the timeline to indicate products.
  • Integrated cart.
  • Products gallery in the final page.