Multiple Choice Videos

Turn watching a video into an interactive experience

Videos are a very impacting communication form that immediately catches the viewer’s attention.

This is why today, but even more so tomorrow, people are increasingly abandoning content and descriptions to switch to a new universal language, videos.

And, if it is true that a 60-second video has the same communicative effectiveness as about 1.8 million words, imagine what interactive videos can do, three times more effective than standard ones.

Shaa has developed the Multiple-Choice service that can make any video experience interactive.

With a variety of powerful interactions, such as quizzes and tests or multiple-choice questions, the video content is enriched and the user can customise the story he or she is watching by choosing how it should develop and end.

This allows the Company to create specific targets of Users based on information the latter have voluntarily provided. This way the Company make its Marketing more effective and can put forward tailor-made products.

With Multiple-Choice Videos:

  • You make your videos interactive.
  • The User can choose what to watch.
  • You communicate in an innovative and fun way.
  • You create specific and ad hoc targets.
  • You get useful information to improve your Marketing.

Multiple-Choice videos have a higher click rate than traditional video ads and allow for in-depth user profiling and KPIs improvement, such as the interaction rate and the content’s fruition time.

All this is tracked and measured thoroughly and accurately.

Thanks to interactivity, each video allows you to customise the Call To Action according to the information you want to transmit, to convey the right message at the right time and to lead the User towards different endings and actions according to what is needed.


You can fully customise the user experience

Al 100%

You provide each User the right message

According to his/her taste

You can cluster your Users

According to their answers

Real benefits

  • ATTENTION: catching the attention of more users with a single creative and innovative content
  • INVOLVEMENT: making your Users feel unique and attaching value to them by allowing them to make decisions is the best and quickest way to make them feel relevant and, consequently, involve them
  • DISSEMINATION: you can publish it on all devices
  • ENGAGEMENT: interactive videos with effective CTA bring conversions and increase your engagement
  • ANALYSIS: you get real-time information based on the choices and answers provided by the Users who watch your interactive Video
  • CUSTOMISATION: you leave to the User the choice of what to see and to live an innovative experience autonomously.

It generates a targeted action for each User and increases the involvement of your audience


  • Those who want to interact with their Users through involving storytelling.
  • Those who want to customise their communication according to viewers.
  • Those who want to provide a unique video experience.
  • Those who want to improve their business effectiveness with accurate targets and timely and targeted value offers.


  • Cross device
  • 100% customisable
  • Quizzes
  • Calls-to-action
  • Gaming
  • 360 Videos