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    The best solution to broadcast live sports events, news, corporate conventions, online courses, concerts, etc. is SHAA Interactive Live Streaming Platform: a proprietary technology platform that allows you to run live online events reaching up to 1 million users simultaneously.

    Thanks to our technological performance and expertise in managing live events operations, we have become an official Partner of Sole 24 Eventi and run events such as Sace, Gse, Telefisco, and Innovation Day, providing highly-professional turnkey services.

    With our Live Streaming Platform, you can turn your scheduled activities into interactive digital events.

    The ideal solution to broadcast Real Time any types of events on the Internet, involving users during live broadcasting.

    No matter how large your audience, we help you broadcast and reach your users anywhere in the world and with the best quality.

    Top quality guaranteed by Best-in-class partners



    You can control your Brand as you can customise your Landing Page with colours, logos and graphics consistently with your image or the image of your Customer.


    You can interact with users through quizzes, live surveys and Q&A sessions and have them download live in-depth materials.

    End-to-end platform

    You can entrust us with your event for all pre-, post- and go-live stages supported by our team of experts throughout your live event.


    Reach 1 million single users anywhere in the world on any Device by integrating the streaming service onto your Site or App.


    A secure and stable platform during streaming. You can make your event private by running login and access for your audience only.


    With proprietary Analytics you can track views and interactions and measure the success of your event.

    Engaging Live events


    • You can integrate our player directly on your site or on the site of your Customer.
    • You can register and collect leads by integrating your customer’s CRM (e.g. Salesforce).
    • You can completely customise the Landing Page of your attendees consistently with your Brand Identity.
    • The event is hosted on SHAA infrastructure, without affecting the performance of your site.


    • Thanks to the cloud infrastructure (on RackSpace and CDN on Akamai), many visitors can access simultaneously through the stable and reliable
    • One-to-Many Service.
    • You can create surveys and live quizzes to interact with your audience.
    • You can leave some room for live Q&A.
    • You can add live downloadable in-depth content.


    • You can allow users to review the video or live broadcast for those who could not attend.
    • You can run on-demand video streaming through channels and playlists.
    • You can measure and analyse the success of your event using proprietary Analytics.

    Interactive Live Streaming is an innovative way to encourage Users to attend and interact.

    You can coordinate your sales force remotely, disseminate university lectures, communicate with your employees or launch a new software or product.

    Whatever your goal, you can upload ad-hoc in-depth content depending on what users are viewing, and ask them to perform virtuous actions.

    Real benefits

    • It turns a simple live video into an interactive, engaging and brand-new event.
    • It allows viewers to download in-depth content.
    • It allows users to chat live with the protagonists of the event.
    • It amplifies your audience by involving people from all over the world.
    • It spurs interaction and participation.
    • It reduces travel, location and logistics costs.

    It increases the audience engagement through interactive experiences.


    • Those who want to switch from classroom to online training courses ensuring greater effectiveness to students.
    • Those who want to organise unique and interactive corporate events in live streaming.
    • Those who have converted their live events into online events.
    • Those who want to communicate to the B2B sector in an innovative and appealing way.
    • Those who want to stream an event by involving people from all over the world.


    • Customisable calls-to-action
    • Quizzes
    • Info sheets with overlay customised and in-depth content
    • Chat
    • Slides use and download
    • Social Share