Interactive e-Learning

The future of training is interactive

In the training industry, e-learning has been gaining ground for several years now. A remote learning method increasingly used in schools and universities, which has spread rapidly to all areas of study, webinars and courses, even in companies, especially during the Covid-19 emergency and the consequent inability to move.

The development and increasing use of e-learning have however highlighted some critical points, first of all a flattening of the learning curve: the User indeed can only passively view a screen, without any stimuli and interactions, and with the actual risk of losing focus and motivation over time.

This is why Shaa has developed a new method, interactive e-learning, with the aim of increasing and improving engagement through interactivity.

Lā€™interactive e-learning:

It adds new interactive tools

For school, academic and vocational education.

It uses multimedia materials (slides, videos, images, etc.).

It transforms each class into a dynamic and engaging experience.

Engaging experience

Users can actively interact with items, the screen and contents, and are led to perform actions.

It allows for constant exchange

Between the User and what he/she is viewing

Interactive e-learning creates continuous interactions between the User, the screen and the content.

While previously Users could only watch and listen to classes in a passive and linear way, with interactive e-learning they are bound to actively interact with courses: browsing from one point to another, clicking to progress or deepen a concept, answering questions, pressing buttons on the screen, answering quizzes, scrolling through sliders, etc.

Users no longer live the learning experience passively, but customise their experience by interacting in the lessons and using virtual tools to participate and perform direct actions.

Dynamism and interactivity enhance engagement, provide control over browsing and keep the attention always at the maximum level, with a considerable improvement in results.

Interactive e-learning transforms learning from a passive into an active experience and leads the User to explore.

Interactive e-learning penetrates Companies

The concept of corporate training is evolving: with interactive e-learning all courses and lessons for staff training (employees, co-workers, suppliers, and customers) become online and interactive.

This generates a series of considerable advantages for the Company:

  • Continuous training and constant refreshing, a sign of great company professionalism.
  • Cost and time reduction.
  • Creation of a technological and modern business environment.
  • Greater teaching effectiveness thanks to assessment tools of the real learning process.
  • Possibility of encoding specific technical/commercial company know-how.
  • Content sharing with resellers, distributors and partners.

Interactive e-learning: the future in your hands

Shaa provides companies with all the necessary means to start a corporate, interactive e-learning project through technical and methodological support at all stages.

Real benefits:

  • Greater participation: through interactivity, each content becomes an involving experience that leads Users to participate actively.
  • Greater attention: having to interact with the screen and its items, Users are involved and spurred, their interest is always high and their attention always at the maximum level.
  • Greater conversion: by providing useful and interactive information during the fruition of the content, the User is led to perform actions, with a remarkable increase in engagement.

A more effective method than e-learning


  • Those who want to make online classes interactive, both live and on-demand.
  • Those who want to propose a new and engaging form of e-learning.
  • Those who want to turn digital education into a unique interactive experience.
  • Those who want to increase and enhance Engagement through interactivity.


  • Tabs
  • Interactive labels
  • Interactive sliders
  • Additional content layers
  • Interactive screenshots
  • Buttons
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Decision-making
  • Downloads
  • Forms