Interactive ADV

When engagement improves your advertising performance

Interactive ADV is digital advertising that uses interactivity to communicate and promote products and services in an innovative and effective way, in order to increase the reach and involvement of its audience.

Interactive ADV provides more than 20 cross-device formats to increase Users’ engagement by providing them with useful information during the fruition of the advertising.

One of the most powerful forms is represented by videos, which can be made interactive and integrated with in-depth content, in order to gain even more strength and improve their performance.

Shaa is able to make all your videos interactive thanks to Programmatic Advertising or Reservation Advertising platforms.

Maximize the conversions of your advertisements

With this type of advertising, you can show sponsored content with which the User can actively interact, through Calls To Action, games and in-depth content that appear in the adverts.

Thanks to the value of this shared content, you can maximize conversions and thus optimize the advertising budget invested.

With Interactive ADV

  • You engage your users while they watch your content
  • You optimise conversions by contextualising your messages
  • You stand out in the world of advertising thanks to interaction

Interactive ads, especially in videos, are the future of advertising

Interactive ADV encourages Users to interact and transforms advertising from a simple ad to watch passively to an active and engaging experience. This brings incredible results, never seen before.


It allows you to provide useful information to Users

During the fruition of advertising

You can increase the Users’ engagement

And spur their interest

You have maximum exposure

Of Product and brand

Real benefits

  • It maximises conversions by optimising the invested budget.
  • It provides more than 20 cross-device formats.
  • It can be planned in programmatic on Google’s DBM circuit.

A direct dialogue between the Company and the User in an innovative communication form

Interactive ADV: tailor-made customisation

Many variations and products can be inserted in an interactive ad. Here are the main ones:


Desktop and mobile versions available. It opens in overlay/full screen when the page is loaded and includes a video or an interactive image that allows the User to browse on up to three different contents by a simple click.


Dynamic desktop version available. From the starting strip, which is anchored in overlay at the bottom of the page, the advertisement comes alive by opening an interactive image or video content, which can also be run in autoplay.


It allows the User to click on overlay Calls To Action, placed on the video, thus enjoying customised and in-depth content in ad hoc info sheets.


Dynamic mobile version available. From the starting strip, the advertisement opens and shows a Photo gallery or video content which can also be run in autoplay.


  • Those who want an engaging adv that is consistent on every channel.
  • Those who want to differentiate their adverts through engagement.
  • Those who want to create advertising content consistently with what the user is watching.


  • Features
  • Dynamic also on mobile devices
  • Customisable calls-to-action
  • Autoplay
  • Overlay in-depth info-sheets
  • Slideshows
  • Interactive images

Compliant with

  • IAB
  • Coalition for Better ADS
  • Google DBM